When every second count, control is everything.

Blitsbrein is a fast-paced Afrikaans Trivia Game Show for people with extraordinary general knowledge. It’s broadcast on VIA, a South African television channel. The game was developed for BigBrave and VIA.

The client required a control panel that’s robustflexible and expandable. The director wanted to deviate from the standard format of the show from time to time to introduce variation in the order of games played. Furthermore, the operator would need to be able to manage questions on the fly.

The solution was a controller system that gives the operator the flexibility to get the task done.

Background: Premise of the game

Each episode sees three contestants pitted against one another in a fast-paced trivia game. Various game rounds are played to rack up as many points as possible. Halfway through the show, one contestant is eliminated, and it’s time for the remaining two to battle it out head to head.

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