Die Kliek

Dating with a Digital Twist.

Die Kliek is an Afrikaans actuality game show on VIA, a South African television channel. Contestants play a game to determine which one of the female contestants will be walking away with the selected bachelor for the week.

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When every second count, control is everything.

Blitsbrein is a fast-paced Afrikaans Trivia Game Show for people with extraordinary general knowledge. It’s broadcast on VIA, a South African television channel. The game was developed for BigBrave and VIA.

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Is That A Fact Set

Is That a Fact

Is That A Fact - Game Console

Is that a Fact is an interactive, light-hearted game show that takes four well-known personalities and tests their “Gift for Fiction”. In each episode, guests come up with the most outlandish claims and attempt to fool fellow contestants, convincing them it’s either fact or fiction.

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Die Superskool

Die Superskool

On Die Superskool, South African high schools battle it out against one another to be crowned South Africa’s ‘super school’. Each school team consisting of three of the school’s brightest pupils and will be supported by one of their teachers. The gameshow awarded the winning school a whopping R250,000!

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Know the tough stuff stage setup

Know the Tough Stuff Game Show

As part of Toyota’s annual team briefing, Shine Interactive was asked to create a quiz game show for the final round of “Know the tough stuff”. This is an an internal excellence programme Toyota runs for staff to enhance their product knowledge.

Shine, in collaboration with Inhouse Productions, came up with a game show design that will fit a 30 minute segment as part of the team briefing in early January. Sixteen contestants would group into four teams, competing for the title against one another in three rounds. Fastest finger first, multiple choice and finally a debate round.

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Money Drop set in red

Million Rand Money Drop

Bringing the magic to life

The Million Rand Money Drop is certainly one of the most talked about new shows on SA television, but not many viewers realize just what it took to bring this epic game alive and in the process meet the strict international standard of the game.

Peter Furstenberg in collaboration with Julio Costa, Blond Productions and Endemol reveals a little bit of the magic behind this incredible production.

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