Tru-sort – a fun hyper-casual game

Big-Brave and I collaborated on yet another fun game, Tru-sort, this time in the hyper-casual game genre. The game, commissioned by Tru-Cape combines simple gameplay with fun, see-how-far-you-can-get gaming experience.

The premise of the game revolves around fruit coming down a sorting conveyor, where the player needs to drag and drop it into the correct bag. Sometimes blemished fruit might come down, where the player needs to move it to the juicing conveyor. Every now and then, a ladybug might make it’s appearance, acting as nature’s helper whereby it will move all the fruit of a specific type for you to the right bag.

Initially, the pace starts off simple but soon gets more and more challenging, testing the player’s patience and dexterity. The game features a leaderboard to compare your progress against other players also having a go, to see just how long they can survive.

Happy sorting!



Fruit-Full Game Icon

Fruit-Full is a whole new kind of fruity experience! It’s a brand new Mobile Game App! It’s your very own Tru-Cape apple and pear farm right at your finger-tips! With the help of James and the Tru-Cape kidz, the player will learn about farming, managing resources, logistics, packing and selling, all while having loads of fun.

It’s your farm so you get to make the rules!

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Crack the Code

Crack the Code

Memory and quick thinking

Crack the code is a simple game of memory, logic, skill and quick thinking.  The player needs to unravel a 5 digit combination code before time runs out.

Crack the Code was developed as a collaboration between Shine Interactive and Big Brave Digital for a client. The game is designed for an exhibition space where people can try their hand at the game in quick succession.  It’s designed to lure a crowd in by dramatic sound design.


3D Models: Blender 3D
Game Development: C#, Unity
Development Time: ±10 days

Agency: Big Brave Digital
Voice: Sias Jordaan
Art and programming: Peter Furstenberg

Lucy crawl-a-thon logo screen

Lucy The Caterpillar – Crawl-a-thon

Lucy The Caterpillar – Crawl-a-thon

Lucy the caterpillar was designed to keep kids engaged on exhibition stands while mom and dad have a chance to talk to reps about various Pampers products.  Shine Interactive, made this vision come to life in association with BigBrave.

The game was designed to be a craw-a-thon challenge where kids can crawl with Lucy to the finish line.  Purely for fun, and kids being kids, they were more intrigued with Lucy talking to them!

Blokaspaai Agtergrond


Die eerste Afrikaanse blokraaitoepassing (App) vir iPad en iPhone

Blokaspaai Logo

Ek is trots om die eerste Afrikaanse Blokraai-App vir die iPad beskikbaar te stel. Blokaspaai kombineer nou op unieke wyse die vreugdes van blokraaisels met tablet-tegnologie. Blokaspaai is nie ’n woordeboek of hulpmiddel nie, maar ’n volledige invul-applikasie wat die blokraai-entoesias die kans gee om pen en papier weg te gooi en die interaktiewe plesiere van ‘n tablet-blokraai te geniet. Blokraaie word in ‘n hanteerbare elektroniese formaat aangebied vir alle ouderdomsgroepe. Alles gaan oor die genot van invul en nié die bemeestering van tegnologie nie.

Tydskrifte is deesdae op enige tablet beskikbaar as applikasie, maar die plesier van blokraaie in digitale formaat op jou tablet, ontbreek steeds. Blokaspaai het die kans aangegryp om hierdie leemte te vul vir spesifiek die liefhebber van Afrikaanse blokraaisels.

Blokaspaai werk soos ’n elektroniese publikasie. Sodra die toepassing (App) aangekoop word, kry jy ’n Bonusboek met ses blokraaisels gratis daarmee saam. Elke maand word daar dan nuwe blokraaibundels beskikbaar gestel wat direk en met groot gemak uit die applikasie aangekoop kan word.

Bo en behalwe Blokaspaai se eie BobaasBoeke, bied ons ook die werk van Suid-Afrika se mees deurwinterde en gewildste blokraaiopstellers aan. As jy ’n blokraai-liefhebber is, is die moontlikheid groot dat jou gunstelingraaisels opgestel is deur bekende name soos Anina Roux en haar XWord-span, of Yvonne van Eeden van Penpret. Blokaspaai se verbintenis met hierdie twee top-verskaffers verseker dat die beste gehalte blokraaisels deurlopend vir aanhangers opgestel sal word.

The first Afrikaans crossword app for iPad and iPhone

I am proud to announce the release of Blokaspaai – the first Afrikaans crossword app. Blokaspaai combines the joys of crosswords with tablet technology. Blokaspaai gives any crossword enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of crosswords in an interactive tablet or smart phone format. Blokaspaai is presented in an intuitive digital format and is suited for all ages. Everything is focused on the joy of completing crosswords while the technology disappears into the background.

Most magazines are currently available in a digital format, but the joys of crosswords, especially in Afrikaans, is still bound to traditional media – until now. Blokaspaai took this opportunity to bring something special to market specifically aimed at enthusiasts.

The app works like any digital publication. As soon as you purchase the app, you get access to a bonus book with six crosswords completely free. Each month Blokaspaai releases additional bundles, conveniently available as an In-App purchase.

Over and above Blokaspaai’s own bundles, we bring you the work of South Africa’s most popular crossword compilers. If you love crosswords as much as we do, the chances are good that you’ve encountered well-known household names such as Anina Roux and her XWord team, or Yvonne van Eden from Penpret. Blokaspaai’s association with these two top brands ensure that we bring you the highest quality in crosswords on a continuous basis.

The app is already available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone under the title “Blokaspaai” for R7.99. All additional bundles are available at R15.99 and each contains 24 crosswords.

Blokaspaai is also available in English

Money Drop set in red

Million Rand Money Drop

Bringing the magic to life

The Million Rand Money Drop is certainly one of the most talked about new shows on SA television, but not many viewers realize just what it took to bring this epic game alive and in the process meet the strict international standard of the game.

Peter Furstenberg in collaboration with Julio Costa, Blond Productions and Endemol reveals a little bit of the magic behind this incredible production.

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