Tru-sort – a fun hyper-casual game

Big-Brave and I collaborated on yet another fun game, Tru-sort, this time in the hyper-casual game genre. The game, commissioned by Tru-Cape combines simple gameplay with fun, see-how-far-you-can-get gaming experience.

The premise of the game revolves around fruit coming down a sorting conveyor, where the player needs to drag and drop it into the correct bag. Sometimes blemished fruit might come down, where the player needs to move it to the juicing conveyor. Every now and then, a ladybug might make its appearance, acting as nature’s helper whereby it will move all the fruit of a specific type for you to the right bag.

Initially, the pace starts off simple but soon gets more and more challenging, testing the player’s patience and dexterity. The game features a leaderboard to compare your progress against other players also having a go to see just how long they can survive.

Happy sorting!

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